author photoMicah Edwards graduated from William & Mary with a degree in English and no particular plans to use it. He now finds himself occupying various roles as an author, a comedian and a database administrator, depending on the day of the week. He resides in Richmond, Virginia, the world’s premiere home of authors named Micah Edwards.

His works run the gamut from superhero noir, as seen in the Experiment series, to non-fiction conversational retellings of the Bible. He has re-written horror stories for children and fairy tales for adults.

In addition to his books, he is also a regular contributor on the NoSleep subreddit, as well as maintaining a weekly serial.

You can purchase his books here.

One thought on “About

  1. Jan Hirschfeld

    Hi Micah Edwards,

    I am a volunteer with the Cultural Center at the Opera House in Havre de Grace MD and am putting together our Children’s Halloween Program and thought it might be interesting to incorporate Poe – went fishing on internet and found you and your book! I would like to contact you about your Poe Stories. I’ve just ordered ‘I Heard a Bird’ from Amazon and should be receiving it soon. I can see from your info that you are a performer and wondering if you ever read your books to kids? If you are inclined to, please send me your contact info. Not sure if you are located close to us? Many thanks –Jan


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