“Making Friends” Begins Today!

Good news!  Dan Everton is back for the next segment of The Experiment, titled Making Friends.  Just like before, it’ll be posted in serial format, with a new section going up every Friday at 8 AM.  The first portion is up now, so head on over to https://experimentserial.wordpress.com/ to check it out!

In other exciting news: the first story of The Experiment, now titled The Reluctant Superhero, has been collected as an ebook.  If you enjoyed reading it, go check it out on Amazon and leave me a good review!  If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you can pick up the ebook for just 99 cents, or you can still read it in serial format at the blog.


“The Experiment” is Finished!

I was going to explain this further, but it turns out that the title pretty much sums it up.  The Experiment has wrapped up!  It’s the longest single story I’ve written yet, although I’m pretty sure that it’s still in the “novella” length category.  So if you’ve been putting off reading the story because you like binging, go for it!  Your time has come.

I’m pretty excited about it.  My original goal was just to tell a superhero noir, and I’m happy with how those themes shared the space.  It wasn’t initially meant to be a serial, but once I started posting it that way, I found that I liked the way it flowed.  I’m going back through and reading it all now to see if it’s choppy or repetitive at any point, but so far, I like how it reads.


Well, as I said, I’m going through and rereading the entire story.  I’m editing as I go, fixing differences in the narrative voice, deleting bits I don’t like, and adding bits that I should have had there in the first place.  Once I’m done, I’ll probably put it up on CreateSpace, because why not?  Then people who don’t want to click “Next” every thousand-ish words can read it, too.  Plus I like having the stuff I’ve written on my phone, next to other books.  Makes me feel legitimate.


Definitely!  I don’t know if there’ll be another story about Dan, the in-over-his-head superhero.  There might be!  I like him, and I like making him suffer.  But I’m not doing that without a plot, and I haven’t given any thought to that yet.

I might start in on Sideslip, a many-worlds story idea I came up with a while back and haven’t done anything with.  Or I might do something totally different.  Whatever it is, I’ll announce it and where you can find it here, so watch this space.  I intend to start my new project at the beginning of February, but then, I intend a lot of things.

In the mean time, I’ll post some stories that I have laying around, just so you’ve still got something to read on Friday mornings.  They’ll be going up here, not over at The Experiment, but it’ll still be an 8 AM posting time.  Stick around, and thanks for reading!