The Bible: Faster, Funnier

Okay, So Look

OkSoLook_ thumbnailGenesis… retold for those of us who could never make it past all those “begats.”

The Book of Genesis has some truly great stories, and is the foundation of many themes that are used again and again in literature. But many of us skip it because we bog down in the long series of “begats.” Comedian Micah Edwards applied his comedic skills to his lifelong interest in the Bible, and the result is a funny, but accurate, retelling of The Book of Genesis.

“Micah Edwards’ Ok, So Look is intriguing food for thought and substantive fodder for discussion. His thoughtful—and accurate—close reading of the ancient text will prove highly informative for both cynics and traditionalists alike.” – Rabbi Arthur Blecher, Washington, DC, Author of “The New American Judaism”

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Here’s the Deal

_HeresTheDeal_thumbnailExodus… the “Too Long, Didn’t Read” edition.

The Book of Exodus has the Ten Commandments and the story of the parting of the Red Sea. But did you know it also contains tent decorating instructions? In Okay, So Look, Micah Edwards helped us laugh our way through the “begats” in Genesis. Now he brings the same keen insights and comedic skills to Exodus, in a retelling that will leave you thinking as well as laughing, and also maybe asking “What are an Urim and Thummim?”

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